R4i Card

So the chances are unless you have had your head in a hole for the last year you will know that the DSi and DSi XL consoles have replaced the earlier DS and DS lite consoles. Well to carry on the trend the R4 team have updated their R4 card to an R4i Card or R4i SDHC as it is properly known. The latest R4i SDHC 1.4.4 update as the name suggests supports the v1.4.4 firmware for both the DSi and DSI XL consoles from Nintendo. This update firmware is the latest and offers exceptional gaming experiences and support for both Micro SD and SDHC memory cards, these cards are roughly the size of a small coin and allow you to store up to 32GB, that’s equivalent to thousands of songs, hours of movies , pretty much your entire media collection all on a tiny device.

The R4i card is available in the Uk and offers a wide range of upgrades of the R4 including faster loading times, improved user interface (how the menus look and work), this allows for fast browsing and searching. To find out more visit the R4i website today.